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What Services Are Provided By This Web App?
You can use this secure Web App to make requests related to consumer privacy acts. Such requests include: opt-out requests, disclosure requests, and deletion requests.
What is a Private Web Address?
A Private Web Address is a unique, password protected, web location for your Privacy Request. We use a PWA in lieu of forcing you to create an account.
Am I Required to Create a User Account?
No -- just be sure to bookmark the Private Web Address (PWA) for your request! Each PWA is unique and reserved for only you. Each PWA will be protected with a password for maximum privacy. After completing your first Verified Privacy Request, you will be given the option to create an account for the convenience of making multiple requests to one or more businesses. However, you do not need to create a User Account to use the basic features of this Web App.
How is my Data Protected?
All Consumer Contact Information is encrypted in transit via HTTPS. You can see our secure certificate by clicking the lock icon in your browser location bar. We also encrypt all Contact Information at rest when it is stored within our database. The encryption keys for data at rest are not stored on this Web App server.